Chasing the starlight

I haven't been here for so long and I just ask myself: why? I have been chasingthings I thought were improving my social life.
Now I am chasing the starligt(again). I mean, I'm again focusing on (my) art, true friends... Rught things, I mean.

Wish list

Have you heared about Romwe before? 
You can register there, just for the registrarion you get 5Dollars freebie and if you put their logo on your blog and write them about it, you can become VIP get even more! :)

I just must have there shoes(you can click to see them on Romwe)

Fool's day

Hi! :)
Every one of us is a little fool ;)
So, yesterday I was really upset, because nothing crazy happend, guys in our class didn't want to join us in doing   crazy stuff :( So it was really boring and sad day for me, 'cause all of my friends did sneeze at me, so I sat at home :(
But in the evening my mom took me shopping, so I have 4 new books (I
Books) and this adorable new bag:

And this is me... a little red-haired fool :)

Bag - Next
Dark blue Tee - H&M
Grey Tee - H&M
Leggins - H&M

Today I'm Miss Black

Hey, how are ya? :)
Today was probably the best Friday in mi life...
I write an essay, according to which they may choose me to go to camp in America! :)
And I met so many interesting people... and it's such nice weather outside. :)

(these photos have been taken on Tuestay)

Trousers - H&M
T-shirt - Disney
Sweater - H&M
Hat - Vintage 

Queen of Hearts

Hey there! :)
Sorry for I haven't posted so long again, but the school is ruining my life! :P I have almost no free time...
But now I am going to introduce you my new H&M shorts. I absolutely love them! :)

{well, they can't be seen well on the photos, I apologize O:) }

Shorts - H&M
Blouse - H&M
Tights - NewYorker

Pink Sun, pink pills...

My lovelies! :)
I've spent this week out of the city in mountains with my family and friends. It was good relax, just skiing and one evening spent in thermal spa. :)
But this all has also its darker side - I'm feeling dizzy, I've got stuffy nose, headache... Well, I hope that I won't be sick again. 

Here are few photos from my Holiday. :) 

Black knitted cap - New Look
Grey jacket - H&M
Purple striped T-shirt - H&M 

Finally new post: New sweater

I'm finally OK, today I have been to school after one week long sick leave. :)
So I'm here to post a new fashion post for you!  

Sweater- Stradivarius
Black skirt- Zara
Jeans- Koton
Dotted T-shirt- H&M 


Hey, my dears.

I just want to say a big sorry to you.
I am real bad blogger, but I am ill so often and so I can't post, but here's a little apology for you all. :)

And here is... Well, I tried to draw my autoportrait for the first time.

Girls&Fur hats

Hey! :)
Few days ago Hannie and I had a little fun add took few photos in fur hats for you. :)

My outfit:
Tee - H&M
Cardigan - H&M
Jeans - Koton
Shoes - Bata 

Lovely prize

Lovelies! :)
Last week I went on a ski trip with my class, so I wasn't able to post, but now I'm here with some news. :)
The first and also the best(for me) is, that I have recived my prize from Crown&Glory giveaway from The Magpie Girl. I am so excited! :)
It is one really light point in my situation now, because next week is going to be really hard, because of the end of midterm...
And what about the trip? Well... It was fine. The snow has been melting and sometimes it was really hard not to fall, but I managed not to fall and not to break anything. :) The last night of the trip was the best one, we had a disco and my friend Hannie and I really enjoyed that.

Here are some photos of my amazing prize, the Dusky Rose Bobby Pin Set! :)

And two more photos, one of my cat and the other one of me, preparing for the trip :)


Hey there! :)
I'm soo sorry that I haven't posted so long, but I have been sick. Probably something like flu, I dunno. I hope you had nice Christmas :) I got new camera, mobile, Vouge, Outspoken perfume and few more interesting presents... And you? Well, now I'm guite ok, and I just want to wish you all happy New Year 2011, a lot of hapiness and success, and of course love. :)

And here are some photos took with my new camera:

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