Hey, my dears.

I just want to say a big sorry to you.
I am real bad blogger, but I am ill so often and so I can't post, but here's a little apology for you all. :)

And here is... Well, I tried to draw my autoportrait for the first time.


  1. Tara said...
    I love that song from One Republic, and btw that's your illustration made by yourself ??? woww cool, love it :)
    check my new blog post " Black Jack " and leave ur comment.

  2. Hannie said...
    Again: you are TALENTED! Love the song&sketch. I´m also lookin´ forward to some our photoshoot :) :)
    xoxo from Hannie
  3. daisychain said...
    I love that song! x
  4. Miss Woody said...
  5. Spence. said...
    Lovely sketch! Oh I really like One Republic ('Secrets' is my fave song by them).

  6. Fashion Fabrice said...
    adre that song.. they're fantastic!
  7. danniekate said...
    great sketch! xx
  8. lady sélénite said...
    What a cute drawing of you ! who did it ?
  9. Lia Waroka Putri said...
    I love the sketch! omg the hair looks so real! ^___^
  10. Moniek said...
    Great post, love the drawing!
  11. Parisian Hunter said...
    Viens nous donner ton avis sur les looks, les vidéos et les sélections shoppings sur Parisian Hunter

  12. Mumbles said...
    Hi, how are you doing?
    hope you're feeling better now
    you look so pretty, such a nice outfit

    ♥ Marley
  13. lady sélénite said...
    Love your sweater, the color and the texture are wonderful !

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