Hey there! :) I have few interesting news to share.
1. I have won the giveaway on The Magpie Girl's blog! I'm so excited! :)
2. All of our exams are over, my holyday has oficially started after today's Geography lesson! :)
3. I have created a LOOKBOOK account! :)

Knitwear - Vintage
Cap - New Look
Scarf - Wizard's
Jeans - Koton
Boots - Tamaris

Embodied daydreams

Hey guys? How 're you going? Well, I'm fine :)
Maybe more than fine. And no matter that today I have totally failed on my Physics exam :)
 Why am I in such a euphory? 
I have been on Sunday after more than a half year in a stable with horses :)
I love horses, I was riding two years, but since the riding club has been  abolished and I had a chance to ride only in summer camp... But on Sunday I finally managed to fine a proper club, go there and havea lesson...
I ♥ Horses and I always will :) 

A heart on a piece paper

Hey girls! :)
How are ya doing?
This week I have been so busy!
We had exams on Biology, Chemistry, History, English...
We also started to write school essays on Wednesday.
The topic is: Private letter. Or informal letter.
I have chosen to choose topic so-called Heart on a piece of paper. I am writing to my cousin Emma which lives in Paris, so we meet just during holidays...
 She's great girl with big heart and she always helps me when I need it. 
Love you Emma <3


Winter Love Inspiration

Hey darlings! :) I absolutely love this snowy weather, it is so inspirating :)
I feel like I'm in a fairytale...


pics from: deviantart.com 


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