Me & My Guitar

Hey lovelies :) Today I didn't have my art lesson so I have had more time to practise guitar and I made some photos for you! <3
PS: I am soo looking forward tommorrow, 'cause... IT IS MY B-DAYY!!! :) 


The Prestige Before Christmas

Hey cuties! :) What has been your weekend like?
The mine started on Friday, when I went to cinema and then shopping with Hannie!
We watched The Prestige. Absolutely incredible  movie! I didn't breathe!
After we went to shops and had cappucino with croissants in one perfect book shop :)

Sweeater - Retro
Leggins - H&M
T-Shirt - H&M
Boots - Mixer
Bag - Avon 

Balloon Kingdom

Hey there! Whats new? 
Some balloons left after the Halloween party and they are still in my room, so I took few photos of me with them.
And also one photo of my nails and special nail stickers on them. I have tried it for the first time and I like it! Well, it can't be seen well on the photo... :)
And...what else? I am really looking forward to tomorrow! We are not gonna learn at school, but we are going to cinema! Woo-hoo! :)

So, the photos...finally ;)

Stripes Jeans - H&M
I ♥ Paris T-shirt - from Paris
Nail stickers - Avon 

Inspiration For Today...

Kick Ass Style
Domo Tee
$27 -

Mid-rise straight-leg jeans
$355 $107 -

Gotta Flurt Women's Option-F01 Sneaker
$30 -

Luxe Fleece Quited Hooded Jacket
$148 -

 Sonnenbrille von H&M, 4,95€


Celeb inspiration: 

Party life!

Hey there! I am really sorry, that I haven't published something during the weekend, but I wasn't at home. On Friday we had a matriculation at school. Something like the beggining of high school! It was crazy, older pupils gave us crazy tasks and so on... The theme was: 7 Deadly Sins. :)
And after, there was afterparty and disco! I love discos, really. When it was over, I went home, packed my things and next morning I went to post-camp meeting. Something like one-weekend summer (fall) camp! I met the people I love and It was like one big party! Well, real disco was tonight, but during the day we have done a lot fo crazy stuff! And as a result of this all...I have nearly fallen asleep in school today. O:)

(these photos are not from this weekend, but from the summer camp) 


Dreams, dreams, dreams...

Today on my art lesson I thought about about new article I can publish, and I decided to share with you things, that I have always wanted to do/have/... :)

1. I always wanted to have my own horse. I love horses, for two years I have ridden in different clubs and now, every summer I go to my favourite farm and spent lovely 10 days in nature with horses. ♥ 
PS: I prefer Western.

2. I always wanted to have an angel wings tatoo on my back. Like an angel! I don't know why, but I love it!

3. I always wanted  to make my own perfume. Some that would perfectly fit me, in which would be a peace of my soul. :)

4.  I always wanted to spent an hour in a room full of colorful balls! :D

5. I always wanted to be a very famous actress. I just love acting, and... I have to admit, I am a drama queen. O:)

6. I always wanted to visit Neverland and visit Peter Pan. :)

 7. I bet every one of you once wanted to be a wizard. I have always wanted to be. 

So, that's it! And what have you always dreamed about? :) 

My Happy (Scary) Halloween!

Hey! I bet, every one of you knows, what a day it was yesterday! :) Halloween has american origin and not so many people in Slovakia celebrate it, but I love it! Every year I make a party, invite friends and have fun. So was it yesterday. We talked, had fun, watched Silent Hill (oh, it was not good movie at all), we went to forest and than played games. And we flied fliyng lamps! That was amazing! We wrote our wishes on it ant let it fly, fly, fly... :)
Here are few photos, which I took while preparing the party, and on the last, we are writing our wishes :) 
PS: There is also another reason for celebrating! Cute, lovely, gorgeous 1000 of you have visited this site! ♥♥♥ :)

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