Dreams, dreams, dreams...

Today on my art lesson I thought about about new article I can publish, and I decided to share with you things, that I have always wanted to do/have/... :)

1. I always wanted to have my own horse. I love horses, for two years I have ridden in different clubs and now, every summer I go to my favourite farm and spent lovely 10 days in nature with horses. ♥ 
PS: I prefer Western.

2. I always wanted to have an angel wings tatoo on my back. Like an angel! I don't know why, but I love it!

3. I always wanted  to make my own perfume. Some that would perfectly fit me, in which would be a peace of my soul. :)

4.  I always wanted to spent an hour in a room full of colorful balls! :D

5. I always wanted to be a very famous actress. I just love acting, and... I have to admit, I am a drama queen. O:)

6. I always wanted to visit Neverland and visit Peter Pan. :)

 7. I bet every one of you once wanted to be a wizard. I have always wanted to be. 

So, that's it! And what have you always dreamed about? :) 


  1. Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...
    Yeah, basically I wanted to do all of those things! Especially be a wizard!
  2. Anonymous said...
    I always wanted to be a mermaid, I'd love to swim with whales and dolphins and be their friends.
    I also wanted a pet, I'm allergic to animal hair, so a fish is the nearest I could ever get.
  3. irina said...
    great pictures!
  4. Hannie said...
    I love this post! Now I will think a lot about things I want to have. There are always too many thigs I don´t have, right. :)for example I want to be a famous photographer: my pics would be everywhere, in VOGUE, ELLE, in peoples houses and also on megaboards...aaah! ♥
    xoxo from Hannie
  5. bravegrrl said...
    great post! yes, i want to be a wizard too!!!
  6. betsie said...
    haha, love this post :) . i recently have posted on dreams and realities too - check it out .

  7. Flashes of Style said...
    loved finding out more about you! <3
  8. Kirsty said...
    I've always wanted my own horse too - it's a source of constant disappointment in my life that I don't have the space or money for one :(

    thanks for your lovely comments - follow me!
  9. Anonymous said...
    ooh i love the angel wings, my friend all the girls in there family get angel wings behind there ears when they are 21 i thought it was so sweet! :)
  10. Kathy Coleman said...
    Huge angel wings as a tattoo looks just amazing.

  11. Spence. said...
    Lovely post m'dear! I've always wanted to go to Hogwarts and be a witch, or maybe a teen super-spy, tehe.
    Sweet blog you have here :)
  12. Couture Millinery Atelier. said...
    Wonderful list!:-))) Well, I believe yo can do all of this things!:-)
  13. Lief said...
    I've always wanted to sneak around the town in a cat costume, complete with disguise-mask. I would help strangers in strife and enter a scene at just the right moment. Before they can catch a proper view of their mysertious helper, I would be gone... People would know me as "The vanishing Cat"
    Like the vanishing Act. But Cat.


    Also, I've always wanted to ice-skate on a frozen pond in New Yooooooorrrrk.

    Hey! Nice Blog Beeteedoubleyoo!

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