Pink Sun, pink pills...

My lovelies! :)
I've spent this week out of the city in mountains with my family and friends. It was good relax, just skiing and one evening spent in thermal spa. :)
But this all has also its darker side - I'm feeling dizzy, I've got stuffy nose, headache... Well, I hope that I won't be sick again. 

Here are few photos from my Holiday. :) 

Black knitted cap - New Look
Grey jacket - H&M
Purple striped T-shirt - H&M 

Finally new post: New sweater

I'm finally OK, today I have been to school after one week long sick leave. :)
So I'm here to post a new fashion post for you!  

Sweater- Stradivarius
Black skirt- Zara
Jeans- Koton
Dotted T-shirt- H&M 


Hey, my dears.

I just want to say a big sorry to you.
I am real bad blogger, but I am ill so often and so I can't post, but here's a little apology for you all. :)

And here is... Well, I tried to draw my autoportrait for the first time.

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