Finally new post: New sweater

I'm finally OK, today I have been to school after one week long sick leave. :)
So I'm here to post a new fashion post for you!  

Sweater- Stradivarius
Black skirt- Zara
Jeans- Koton
Dotted T-shirt- H&M 


  1. Moniek said...
    You look cute! I love the sweater!
  2. Anonymous said...
    I love your hair and your jumper <3
  3. Carlota said...
    wowowowoowowowowowoowow I AM GOING TO GO TO YOUR HOUS (although i dont know where you like :S yikes) AND CUT YOUR HAIR OF AND STICK IT WITH SUPERGLUE ON MINE!!!! I LOVEE IT!
    and your sweater is ooo cute :)

    follow eahc other amazing hair blogger?
  4. daisychain said...
    lovely outfit x
  5. Carlota said...
    yeah yeah.. so sorry i cant promise anything.. :S

    (NO SERIOUSLY BEAWRE!!) hehehehhe
  6. SweCupcake said...
    I loove the sweater! It reminds me of an sweater from a swedish label which is a bit expensive. :),r:9,s:0
  7. Hannie said...
    Wow, B, you look amazing! I adore the sweater and is that a new skirt? :) Lovely combination.
    xoxo from Hannie
  8. Viv said...
    awesome sweater, i like the neutral color
  9. Lief said...
    You have epic hair. I now want to grow my hair. This spoils my plans of maintaining a small amount of hair D:
  10. Mumbles said...
    Ups... I got confused and clicked the comment button on the blog below
    anyway, have a nice week

    ♥ Marley
  11. danniekate said...
    glad you're feeling better! such a cute cardi :) xx
  12. Tara said...
    Nice Sweater, love the color :)
  13. Lia Waroka Putri said...
    omg can I have your hair? dear, its so beautiful! xD
    and I gotta say your previous drawing is definitely great! I never be able to draw hair like yours ><
  14. Carlota said...
    thanks for the comment! :)
  15. RainCooper said...
    Nice Hair. X
  16. menina raposa said...
  17. Rachelous said...
    Love your outfit dear, that jumper looks so lovely and cosy! :) xx
  18. lady sélénite said...
    beautiful place ! i love the picture with the fog !
  19. Esther said...
    Love the sweater. So pretty.

    Check out my blog?
  20. Esther said...
    Very nice blog and pics!! Xxxx Esther
  21. Mumbles said...
    Hi, how are you?
    I love your hair, and the brown + dots combination
    hope you're having a nice week

    ♥ Marley

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