Big Brown Sweater

Hey guys! Today has been really cold October day, so I put on my fathers old sweater, so I was warm soon. It is so big, so I wore it with black leggins :)

Sweater - Vintage
Leggins - H&M
Headband - New Yorker 

All that (dead) souls

Why so morbid? :) Well, Halloween is coming, and me and my friend Hannie decided to make a graveyard scary shooting. We were quite lucky, because despite it is  October, the weather was sunny and gentle, so there was no problem with short dress without sleeves and sandals. :)
(I am the one with red hair :) ) 

Dress - Vintage
Tights - ?
Sandals - Vagabond
Coat - Pull&Bear

Dress - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Sandals - Stradivarius 

Rolling with Rolling Stones

Hey! I decided to take some photos of me in my favourite clothes. So this is my first "shooting" called Rolling With Rolling Stones, because I have on my favoutite xxxl T-shirt with the Rolling Stones logo. So... what? 
Just enjoy and post a comment. :)

The Rolling Stones T-shirt, white T-shirt and Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt - H&M
Jeans - *Koton*
Hat - Vintage 

One beautiful day in Italy...

These are my favourite photos frum our holyday in Italy. I took them in a camp near Florence. :)

Hope you liked it. :)

My 15 Party!

Well, this was just the first party(with family).

 Me&my cake :))

And the test of my new colour-boxes :) 

And here they are :) 

Striped dress- H&M
 Chalk colours- Koh-I-Noor

With love,
              Little Miss Curious :)

Me&mom's camera

When I take the camera, I just can not controll myself... :)

Me&the camera

A smell of summer in our garden 

These are just two of the reams of my photos. :)

Little Pink Dress

Look at the dress, not at my extremly bad-lookig legs ;)

Pink flower dress- Gap

Ella Wood

Who is that? Well, I dunno. But her blog rocks!!!

Girlz, check this!

Yea, today I found this mega-giga-terra cool site! You can buy new, bud also vintage stuff there. Check it!
ShopNastyGal  ♥♥

With love,
                Little Miss Curious♥♥ 

My no.1 songs...

My first Sushi!

Thank you Hannie, without your help, it would look much worse. ;)

With love,
                  Little Miss Curious♥♥ 

Hey ya!

Hallo! Yea, I've just created this blog, so I hope, you are gonna like it! And I have to say BIG "Thank you" to my friend Hannie, who has shown me her site, and also some others,which inspirated me a lot. So...Thank You Hannie! ♥

With love
               Little Miss Curious♥♥

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