My 15 Party!

Well, this was just the first party(with family).

 Me&my cake :))

And the test of my new colour-boxes :) 

And here they are :) 

Striped dress- H&M
 Chalk colours- Koh-I-Noor

With love,
              Little Miss Curious :)


  1. Catita said...
    oh sweetie happy bday! 15 is so young, you have a lot of fun bday ahead!
  2. Little Miss Curious said...
    Thank you! ♥ :)
  3. Krystal said...
    happy birthday!!! =)
    And, btw...I didn't realize that I should have been checking blogger for "spam" comments and approving them - i was alarmed today to find a whole bunch from the past 2 months - yours being one of them! I'm so sorry! I'm usually good about responding, so sorry if you felt like I ignored you!
  4. Little Miss Curious said...
    Thank you soo much!! :) and don't worry, it's okay :)
  5. Anonymous said...
    Hey there! Happy birthday!!
    Those new colors are amazing; I use pastels as well, although they are not my favorite material (I prefer watercolor).
    Anyway, thank you for you comment, it was really sweet of you.

  6. Little Miss Curious said...
    Thanks! :)
  7. Hannie said...
    HAPPY B-DAY again :) And I love the photo of your new Chalk colors. Wonderful!
    xoxo from Hannie
  8. Little Miss Curious said...
    Thank you♥ :)

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