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Have you heared about Romwe before? 
You can register there, just for the registrarion you get 5Dollars freebie and if you put their logo on your blog and write them about it, you can become VIP get even more! :)

I just must have there shoes(you can click to see them on Romwe)

Fool's day

Hi! :)
Every one of us is a little fool ;)
So, yesterday I was really upset, because nothing crazy happend, guys in our class didn't want to join us in doing   crazy stuff :( So it was really boring and sad day for me, 'cause all of my friends did sneeze at me, so I sat at home :(
But in the evening my mom took me shopping, so I have 4 new books (I
Books) and this adorable new bag:

And this is me... a little red-haired fool :)

Bag - Next
Dark blue Tee - H&M
Grey Tee - H&M
Leggins - H&M

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