Queen of Hearts

Hey there! :)
Sorry for I haven't posted so long again, but the school is ruining my life! :P I have almost no free time...
But now I am going to introduce you my new H&M shorts. I absolutely love them! :)

{well, they can't be seen well on the photos, I apologize O:) }

Shorts - H&M
Blouse - H&M
Tights - NewYorker


  1. Hannie said...
    They're absolutely amazing! You know, "bombardáky" :D :D
    xoxo from Hannie
  2. christie said...
    I love that they have little hearts on them - adorable!


  3. daisychain said...
    those shorts are SO cute
  4. danniekate said...
    oh my, i love them! so sweet! xx
  5. Lia Waroka Putri said...
    I want to steal those adorable shorts!
  6. ching said...
    those heart prints on those shorts are cute.
  7. Mumbles said...
    Hi, hope you're doing great
    you look so pretty, and I love those shorts
    they're really nice

    ♥ Marley
  8. Hannie said...
    Hey Barbie, don't fuck on your blog! Please please please, I love your posts, so post something MORE OFTEN ;) Okay?
    xoxo from Hannie
  9. QueenDesi said...
    really love your cutie shortie!!
    love the colour and the pattern on it :)
    too cute..

    i'm your new follower,
    come and visit my site..
    hope you can follow me back as well :)


    in Love&light
    Queen D
  10. Rachelous said...
    Aww those shorts are way adorable, they look great! :) xx
  11. Seycil Ciceylia said...
    you know what pretty? You have an extremely Beautiful HAIR.. Envy you

    love from : Seycil's corner

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